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WPS Global What We Do Flexible Office Sourcing

Flexible Office Sourcing

We are experts in finding the right flexible office needs and budgets for our clients.

Whether it is one seat for one month or 200 seats for three years (and everything in between), we do the heavy lifting in finding all the options in the market for each of your company’s locations. We have relationships with centers and brokers worldwide that allow us to leverage the best deal, making the process simple and less stressful for our clients. We will help you create a serviced office portfolio that is reflective of your team, brand and vision.

WPS Global What We Do - Project Management Assistance

Project Management Assistance

Many of our client projects involve customization and build outs. Our team can provide assistance in making sure that the partner you select hits deadlines, budgets, and fulfills delivery expectations.  Assisting partners to tailor workspaces to the unique needs of established and growing companies.

WPS Global What We Do - Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review

When clients share their portfolio with us, we routinely find: cost savings, increased real estate efficiencies and changing priorities (i.e. flexibility). We are always available to review, at no cost to you, your local, regional and global portfolio.

WPS Global What We Do - Market and Vendor Advisement

Market and Vendor Advisement

As flexible office experts we have relationships with providers in all markets to help with furniture, IT/phone, software, snack services, and more.

WPS Global What We Do - Vendor and Contract Advisement

Agreement Negotiation

We negotiate every contract on our client’s behalf. Our only interest is your company’s success.  At every touchpoint we understand and negotiate vendors on price. Armed with competitive knowledge that comes from being focused on the flexible industry for over a decade, we provide savings and benefits that would be unlikely on your own.

WPS Global What We Do - Transaction Management

Transaction Management

Let us help you manage your portfolio of flexible offices.  From new agreements, to renewals, to terminations, we can advise you on best practices, cost saving maneuvers, and timing.

WPS Global. Across the Globe.

Our team spans across 12 cities and 2 countries. We’ve sourced flexible office space from almost every corner of the globe.

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Let us help you with your flexible office needs.

Let us help you with your flexible office needs.

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