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We source flexible office solutions to help companies work better and accomplish their workplace goals. We help our clients adapt to the evolving office and the needs of their employees.

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Sales Team

WPS Global Josh Lisman


Josh Lisman

WPS Global Tammy Lindberg

VP of Sales

Tammy Lindberg

WPS Global Susan Harrison

VP of Sales

Susan Harrison

WPS Global Lynn Lombardo

Regional Sales Manager

Lynn Lombardo

WPS Global Darren McKune

Regional Sales Manager

Darren McKune

WPS Global Vik Aggarwal

Global Sales Consultant

Vik Aggarwal

Project Management Team

WPS Global Allen January

Director of Projects

Allen January

Project Coordinator

Mikka Ferrell

WPS Global Chad Geier

Project Coordinator

Chad Geier

WPS Global Sandra Hoinsky

Project Coordinator

Sandra Hoinsky

Project Coordinator

Eliana Johnson

Communications and Operations

WPS Global Tricia Wackerly

Director of Communications & Operations

Tricia Wackerly

Our Mission: We believe every employee deserves the perfect workplace and strive to ensure our clients have all the information to make informed decisions quickly, while reducing their workload and saving money.

Our Vision: We envision future workplaces that allow all to work in a safe, collaborative, inclusive, and purpose driven manner.  We’re committed to finding and creating workplaces that empower people of diverse backgrounds and talents to be who they are, do their best work, and drive the innovators we serve forward.

Our Core Values: Lead with Integrity, build authentic relationships, have a collaborative & partnership attitude, provide best in class customer service, continually evolve and stay curious.

Let us help you with your flexible office needs.

Let us help you with your flexible office needs.

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